Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bi Coastal Surf and Turf

As you can see, I'm not spending time sharing tables as much as I should or would like, but when my tablescape Divas make a call, I love to join.

The theme was Surf and Turf.  Hmmm, where could I go with that?  I actually found out the night before a trip to Southern California, so I quickly rummaged through the tablecloth closet and threw a few tablecloths into my suitcase.

For this adventure, I had a few California boys to lend their home, ideas and amazing dishes!  Thank you Kit Fox and Rick Guizotti!  But first a little Homer inspired Breakfast....

 A lovely mix of Fiesta and Carnival


 Best breakfast casserole EVER!  Rick is a fabulous cook!  Yum!

Our first tablescape  focused on the Surf and Turf theme with a California Handprints Pink Atomic Fish tablecloth.  This was paired with Homer Laughlin Epicure in Charcoal, White, Pink and Turquoise.


We had so much fun with this table we decided to deviate a bit from the theme and celebrate another dear disher, Becky Turner, with one of her cloth legacys.  Four hours later and we have many lovely tables to share:

Reissue Harlequin and Kitchen Kraft Casseroles

Lovely Riviera

And finally, the ultimate exploded clown with 30 colors of Homer Laughlin Post 86 Fiesta!


So let's see what our other tablescapers have done with the Surf and Turf theme.  Stop by and visit Daphne's TableTop Time, Candy's Little Round Table, Elaine - Dishing with Carafaye and Richard's visit to he Little Round Table

Until next time, surround yourself with the ones you love and lots and lots of pretty tablecloths!