Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bi Coastal Surf and Turf

As you can see, I'm not spending time sharing tables as much as I should or would like, but when my tablescape Divas make a call, I love to join.

The theme was Surf and Turf.  Hmmm, where could I go with that?  I actually found out the night before a trip to Southern California, so I quickly rummaged through the tablecloth closet and threw a few tablecloths into my suitcase.

For this adventure, I had a few California boys to lend their home, ideas and amazing dishes!  Thank you Kit Fox and Rick Guizotti!  But first a little Homer inspired Breakfast....

 A lovely mix of Fiesta and Carnival


 Best breakfast casserole EVER!  Rick is a fabulous cook!  Yum!

Our first tablescape  focused on the Surf and Turf theme with a California Handprints Pink Atomic Fish tablecloth.  This was paired with Homer Laughlin Epicure in Charcoal, White, Pink and Turquoise.


We had so much fun with this table we decided to deviate a bit from the theme and celebrate another dear disher, Becky Turner, with one of her cloth legacys.  Four hours later and we have many lovely tables to share:

Reissue Harlequin and Kitchen Kraft Casseroles

Lovely Riviera

And finally, the ultimate exploded clown with 30 colors of Homer Laughlin Post 86 Fiesta!


So let's see what our other tablescapers have done with the Surf and Turf theme.  Stop by and visit Daphne's TableTop Time, Candy's Little Round Table, Elaine - Dishing with Carafaye and Richard's visit to he Little Round Table

Until next time, surround yourself with the ones you love and lots and lots of pretty tablecloths!

Monday, December 10, 2012

A celebration for Daphne

As you begin a new adventure, I'd like to share this tablescape I designed with you in mind....

This is a vintage Simtex fishing village cloth I've decorated with vintage Gray and Forest Fiesta, Bakelite fish napkin rings and Jamestown goblets.  You might also notice some special HLCCA goblets from the last Pittsburgh conference!

Daphne you are loved and you are an inspiration to all of us in so many ways.

Please stop by to visit with Elaine  and Candy to see how they are celebrating Daphne today

Monday, October 1, 2012

Daphne's Boston Cloth

Sorry I'm a little behind schedule in connecting up with Daphne and amazing blog

In the fall of 2011, I took my first trip to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the flea market.  

I walked by a booth that had a very daunting pile of clothing and miscellaneous fabric.  Knowing that sometimes treasures can be found, I started digging.  Just when I was about to give up, I began to find tablecloths and found a surprising gem.

I added a few new tablecloths, including this fabulous Boston tablecloth...

Knowing this cloth was going off to live in the city where it belonged, I took the opportunity to do a farewell tablescape using Black, Scarlet and Periwinkle fiesta, Viking glassware and vintage red bakelite flatware:

 This cloth is now at home in the Boston area with my tablescape diva, Daphne, so let's take a peek at what marvelous things she has done with this cloth.....

TableTop Time - Boston in Red Stripes

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Becky!

I wish I could call you today and sing my somewhat off-key, but full of love Happy Birthday song.  Gosh, I miss you!  In celebration of you, I renewed my committment to the National Bone Marrow Registry and I donated a pint of my A+ blood, which I know you always appreciated:

And will imagine we are having a lovely birthday dinner using my new Wilendur (I found this at Laguna Pottery - one of your favs!) vintage Chartreuse Fiesta,  Contemporary Marigold Fiesta, a Chartreuse Harlequin Teapot, two pairs of pyramid candleholders (also one of your favs) with another favorite, Oneida Community Plate Deauville flatware!  My neighbor's garden donated the flowers that are inside a periwinkle planter.  Fabulous Italian wine glasses for our toast are also included in the mix.

Becky, I know you are at peace and enjoying catching up with those who have gone before, but oh we just miss your insight and laughter and Diva-ness, everyday!

Stop by Daphne's and Elaine's because I know they are celebrating you today as well.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Daphne's UnBirthday 'Scape

I have this fabulous friend named Daphne.  She is beautiful, funny, classy, inspirational and calls me at just when I need it most!  And best of all, she's one of my tablescape Divas!

Today I am celebrating Daphne with a New England tablecloth, decorated with contemporary Fiesta in some of my favorite colors - Sapphire, Turquoise and scarlet polka dot along with some fabulous glass fish plates she actually sent to me in Florida so I could 'scape on vacation!  How awesome was that?  

I've also added in two guard kitties for her boys, Sparkle and Fizz.

The candleholder are small ball jars, full of fiesta shards, sitting on a vintage light green fiesta relish.

And this Daphne 'scape is finished off with a vintage fiesta cobalt vase full of David Shaefer oragami roses!

Happy Day to you my friend!  I'm grateful to have you in my life!  Please stop by Diva Elaine's blog for yet another Daphne celebration at Dishing with CaraFaye

Friday, August 5, 2011

Celebrating Becky Turner

Today the Divas and I are celebrating our Diva Becky, who unexpectly left us last Friday.  Becky has been a pillar in our lives in so many ways - as a instigator, a creator, an educator, a mentor, a lover of all things vintage and mostly as our tablecloth sister.  Her vast dish knowledge has been the cornerstone of many budding collections, including my own.  There are a million comforting things I'd like to say now, but the sadness for this loss is still overwhelming.  Becky, you are a amazing woman and so very loved and are so very missed.  To Becky's family, even when struggling with my own grief, my heart aches even more for yours!  May your happy memories bring peace to your hearts.

My sisters Saarin, Becky, Daphne and Kathy celebrating in Nashville, July 2010

Please visit the other Divas, Candy at the The Little Round Table, Daphne at TableTop Time and Elaine at Dishing with Carafaye for other celebrations of our friend, Becky.

On this table are little momentos or symbols that represent everyone I love and I cherish.  The tablecloth is Wilendur from Elaine, the placesettings are Becky Blue Riviera, HLCCA Scarlet polka dot Fiesta salad plates, Chartreuse Fiesta Bread & Butter plates, blue flatware from Daphne, Dragonfly napkin rings from Melissa, which so perfectly represent all of the Dragon Fly sisters, including the one who has just left us; Fiesta marigold demitasse cups & saucers and wine goblets courtesy of HLC and the HLCCA from the 2011 Pittsburgh conference, finished off with Becky Blue Riviera shakers and Vintage Fiesta Medium Green shakers.  The serving spoon and fork were a gift from Rick Guizzotti via our Florida friend Marlene and a Becky Blue Harlequin teapot.  The flowers are from various neighbors' gardens.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday E!

Some know her as the Tablecloth Fairy and others refer to her as the Dish Fairy, and I'm lucky to call her my friend!

It's true I've been visited by both the Dish and Tablecloth Fairy and I credit Elaine with enabling my incredibly fun addiction to tablecloths, so I'm celebrating her today with this tablescape.  You can also visit another amazing celebration at Tabletop Time

Today is your birthday....

 Happy Birthday to You!

In honor of this special occasion, I'm using some of Elaine's favorites, contemporary Fiesta polka dot plates, paired with vintage ivory Fiesta, red Viking glassware and bamboo flatware (from the Flatware Fairy - yes we know her too!)

Set on a Calaprint Bamboo tablecloth she helped me find!

Happy Birthday Elaine!  I hope you have a fabulous day!