Friday, August 5, 2011

Celebrating Becky Turner

Today the Divas and I are celebrating our Diva Becky, who unexpectly left us last Friday.  Becky has been a pillar in our lives in so many ways - as a instigator, a creator, an educator, a mentor, a lover of all things vintage and mostly as our tablecloth sister.  Her vast dish knowledge has been the cornerstone of many budding collections, including my own.  There are a million comforting things I'd like to say now, but the sadness for this loss is still overwhelming.  Becky, you are a amazing woman and so very loved and are so very missed.  To Becky's family, even when struggling with my own grief, my heart aches even more for yours!  May your happy memories bring peace to your hearts.

My sisters Saarin, Becky, Daphne and Kathy celebrating in Nashville, July 2010

Please visit the other Divas, Candy at the The Little Round Table, Daphne at TableTop Time and Elaine at Dishing with Carafaye for other celebrations of our friend, Becky.

On this table are little momentos or symbols that represent everyone I love and I cherish.  The tablecloth is Wilendur from Elaine, the placesettings are Becky Blue Riviera, HLCCA Scarlet polka dot Fiesta salad plates, Chartreuse Fiesta Bread & Butter plates, blue flatware from Daphne, Dragonfly napkin rings from Melissa, which so perfectly represent all of the Dragon Fly sisters, including the one who has just left us; Fiesta marigold demitasse cups & saucers and wine goblets courtesy of HLC and the HLCCA from the 2011 Pittsburgh conference, finished off with Becky Blue Riviera shakers and Vintage Fiesta Medium Green shakers.  The serving spoon and fork were a gift from Rick Guizzotti via our Florida friend Marlene and a Becky Blue Harlequin teapot.  The flowers are from various neighbors' gardens.


  1. Rebecca, I love the symbolism in your table. Your special variety of pieces harmonizes perfectly to celebrate our friend. I'm so glad that you have the photo from our special afternoon in Nashville!

  2. What a lovely tribute to our dear friend, Becky. She will be missed by many.

  3. The entire table is lovely, R! I especially like how each piece fits together to create such a beautiful whole table. I know Becky would have loved it.