Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Becky!

I wish I could call you today and sing my somewhat off-key, but full of love Happy Birthday song.  Gosh, I miss you!  In celebration of you, I renewed my committment to the National Bone Marrow Registry and I donated a pint of my A+ blood, which I know you always appreciated:

And will imagine we are having a lovely birthday dinner using my new Wilendur (I found this at Laguna Pottery - one of your favs!) vintage Chartreuse Fiesta,  Contemporary Marigold Fiesta, a Chartreuse Harlequin Teapot, two pairs of pyramid candleholders (also one of your favs) with another favorite, Oneida Community Plate Deauville flatware!  My neighbor's garden donated the flowers that are inside a periwinkle planter.  Fabulous Italian wine glasses for our toast are also included in the mix.

Becky, I know you are at peace and enjoying catching up with those who have gone before, but oh we just miss your insight and laughter and Diva-ness, everyday!

Stop by Daphne's and Elaine's because I know they are celebrating you today as well.


  1. Great job with the donation and with the tablescape, R! I especially like your gurgle pot with the Wilendur marigolds and greens.

  2. The table is divine...the marigold and vintage chartreuse look wonderful together.

    The donation was the best possible remembrance. way to go, R!